Mandamus: If Not Now, When?

In re Holland
Dallas Court of Appeals, Nos. 05-22-00368-CV, -00369-CV, and -00378-CV (May 27, 2022)
Before Justices Myers, Nowell (Opinion), and Goldstein
In three identical rulings, the Dallas Court of Appeals rejected three identical petitions for writs of mandamus as having been filed prematurely. The petitions complained that the trial court had not ruled on motions to compel discovery in three criminal cases concerning the same incarcerated individual. The convicted defendant “filed his motions on January 7, 2022, reminded the trial court that they were pending by letter dated March 7, 2022, and filed his petition[s] seeking mandamus relief on April 20, 2022.” The Court denied all three petitions, saying the Relator had not “shown he is entitled to mandamus relief after such a short period of time.”

Although it is not clear that a hearing on the motions was ever requested or set, we now have guidance that 103 days from filing a motion without getting a ruling is not long enough to warrant mandamus relief compelling the trial court to rule.
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